The be Nimble academy was created to educate consumers and professionals on the importance of proper foot function. As we have evolved over time we have begun to lose touch with one of the keys to getting peak performance out of our bodies…our feet. At the be Nimble Academy we are here to help get your feet and entire body functioning at its peak. See below to learn more.

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To quote  Leonardo da Vinci “the human foot really is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”.  Download our free ebook “foot function, exercise related pain & the influence of footwear” which has been co-authored by Lee Saxby & Dr Mick Wilkinson.

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Wondering whether your feet are functional or dysfunctional? Download the myFoot app to reveal the answer. Lee Saxby will explain the results of 3 quick and easy tests to determine your foot function. We’ll then guide you though the next steps to being nimble.

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For a detailed assessment of your individual foot health, book a 1-1 consultation with a certified Foot Map practitioner. The FMP will analyze your footprint, provide movement counseling and prescribe exercises designed to restore healthy foot function. Find your nearest Foot Map practitioner.

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There are many ways in how to describe being nimble - we have united them in one shoe.
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